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  1. Hello andre there are some important point, i think so, when you press for see the detail of music it appear lyrics, details of song, add to playlist but, the button from share music with social network or apps for share not exist, it will be some for add in the next update? For the others also last added not do nothing top rating also nothing i think it's small bugs but important jeje very nice the update interface i'm so happy with your job and the job of max thank you!!
  2. I think, he said the spectrum when you play the music after a fews seconds the cover image of the music disappears and after that come the spectrum that continue in movement in relation with the music, if this caracteristic will still im v3 released or Max will kit this, i really like this but for a quickly idea is best if not dissapear by itself the cover, but when the user touch the screen then dissapear the cover album and come the spectrum, i don't know if i explained well. I have to say that Poweramp is the best ever ever music player in the existence of Android, and thanks for not leave
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