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  1. I meant OpenSL hd audio (open SL hi-res) , it was available on the preview build 790
  2. Few bugs that i noticed: The old 790 icon is behind the new 793 and it's noticable. When you try to download album art and you tick the high resolution it doesn't work if previously in settings is checked HD download, simple missed logic i think, when you check it, it uses non HD album art. Poweramp's lock screen doesn't work There is no OpenSL HD for wired headset only Bluetooth and USB dac. List shuffle doesn't work The UI is really smooth and nice, these are some bugs that i encountered and overall the sound quality somehow is worse than 790 Device: Pixel
  3. Weird it works here for me, i reinstalled the app btw Android 9 pixel xl 2
  4. On Google pixel XL 2 running Android pie There's OpenSL ES hi res for Bluetooth and USB dac only, not speakers I had it on the beta Preview
  5. Exactly man, I don't mind the delays, i just hate that he doesn't have the guts to login and explain himself and has to go through someone else, like it ain't a big deal if we wait 5 more months but tell us to plus i don't think he's junior developer, but for a serious person ? He's definitely not. About payment he can make us pay like $1-3 to upgrade to v3 it'll help him and i wouldn't mind paying since it's the best audio experience on Android
  6. Like we can do thing to speed it up. He should not mention dates at least. I'm developer myself and i know how hard it is, one small bug can cost you days etc.. But i think playlists is easy implementation unless he doing some AI shit for shuffle etc..
  7. Tested on my Pixel XL 2 running Android P beta Notification seems to be perfect Better sound than oreo, the opensl es hd plugin produces better bass on my mdr 1000-x The app seems to be near perfect, though i noticed few hiccups, Hide unknown album doesn't work sometimes the app freezes and won't open on launch till you remove it from recents Perfect job, I'm really happy and thankful that the developer knows his job !
  8. It seems that the pixel xl2 doesn't have high quality codec by snapdragon
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