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  1. Add sub-order config on all songs list (keep the previous sort config inside the new). For example: me, specifically, I would sort by Artists names, inside it by album, inside it by track number.
  2. In the Edit tags form you could put the lyrics tag too.
  3. Hi people. Perhaps found an answer. Config > audio > resampler > resampler type > SoX I'm still testing it but seems to have solved the mp4 issue. I'll pay attention on the bass issue too. If someone found a resampler/dither config that improve the bass quality, please share here. About the new interface: LOVED IT! Took one or two days to get used to it, but it's wonderful!
  4. Else, I know I should open a new topic but it seems like a related question: I'm noticing bass distortion on louder musics that was playing nicely on v2, and not just on mp4 files — mp3 and m4a files too. Could it be 'cause of the "new" codec/decoder? I'll put it in a new topic if you tell me to I'm really new on forum rules
  5. I've understood but, at least for me (and, I believe, for several of your users), the possibility of put video files on the playlist is a major feature - in fact, it's your greatest differential cause it's the only audio player that do it! Couldn't you just put a config option to choose between v2 or v3 codec/decoder? As I've said, v2 never had this issue while v3 has it since it's very first beta version.
  6. The new codecs are presenting playing issues with mp4 files. This files, that works fine on v2 and in video players, are playing in slow in v3, since the first beta. Looks like the file size doesn't matter, I own small files that works and that don't, large files that work and that don't, always downloaded with the same program (tubemate.net). It's a bit annoying cause my library is half audio files and half music video files.
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