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  1. Model: BLU R1 HD Android version: 6,0 Baseband version: MOLY.LR9.W1444.MD.LWTG.MP.V79.P37 Kernel version: 3.18.19+ Build number: MRA58K Custom build version: BLU_R0010UU_V7.4.2_GENERIC 09-11-2016 13:38 I believe my phone might support Hi-Res output because it lets me choose the "Hi-Res Output (Experimental)" option. Upon tapping on it the "Wired Headset/AUX" option is not present, therefore I'm unable to enable it. However, it does display the "USB DAC" option only. Also when tapping the cogwheel next to the USB DAC name I am able to select the 192khz sample rate. Please advice! Thanks.
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