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  1. I've now tried rebooting three times with auto-scan: Off. I wait 5 mins before activating PA and my music and settings are OK available, so to me it seems that @maxmp is correct when claiming that there is a delay in mounting the SDCard, probably due to UI 3.0/Android 11. However my SDCard is available immediately after reboot in my file manager (X-plore). Weird....Are there multiple mounting points??
  2. @andrewilley The app is installed on the internal storage and I've granted access to the folder in question. Claus
  3. @andrewilley Thanks for the proposed solution. I did the following: - Deleted cache + data for Poweramp and Uninstalled the app. - Formatted the SD card. - Copied my music to the pre-made Android folder "Music" (176 GB) - Installed Poweramp and granted permissions. However the problem persists; I need to rescan the library every time the phone is rebooted. I've attached two logs, one after reboot and rescanning and one immediately after reboot. Any input is much appreciated. Claus Poweramp log.txt Poweramp Log - Immediatedely after reboot.txt
  4. I got the same problem after updating my S10e to Android 11. Unfortunately switching to legacy access doesn't work for me. On the contrary it blocks access to my 200 GB SD card and I can't find a way to give access while in legacy mode. Build 893004
  5. When viewing Album Artist I only got art showing for the first 146 artists, the rest are blank. Sorting with Albums, Artists and Genres, all art appears correctly. I use only locally stored art, no download. I got all my music stored on a 200 GB SDXC in a single folder (~20.000 VBR-0 tracks) with art stored individually in each file (50-250 kB) ----- Sony Xperia Z5 Compact (E5823), Android 7.1.1 Stock
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