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  1. Yea, skinning is the most anticipated feature in music player... For me, Poweramp always has the greatest sound engine. I even don't speak about equalizer, which I always turning off - I mean sound engine in general. But the others, for example Google Play Music as a reference, has lately come very close to this - so close that there is practically no difference. Over a year ago Poweramp introduced HiRes output, which made Poweramp great again. I remember firstly turning it on, just WOW! But what about now? What can I do to benefit from high quality Poweramp sound? Do I have to downgrade
  2. Just check this forum to realize, that nothing happened since I've been here couple of months ago... Ok, except more promised and missed deadlines... I'm very disappointed. Poweramp seems to be a dead project now. As soon as there is a broken HiRes output, Poweramp is nothing out of the ordinary music player, which can be obtained for free in Google Play Store. What a pity!
  3. It's a bit disappointing when a person, who seems to be the last, who is talking with community at all, say someting like this. Thank You for great advice... I described my story in one of the last posts, I never ever think about updating Poweramp, until it's broken. I've bought this app many years ago, all I need (and I think - we, as community) is just an information.
  4. What he will say depends only on his responsibility for this project and respect for the community. I can't say, that everything is working properly. I was happy with alpha 703 until I've updated my phone to Android 7.1. To say the truth, I've forgot, that Poweramp v3 should be released. After android 7 update Hi-res output stopped working (there is no option for wired headphones). I've started searching info through the Internet and found Hi-Res output request thread on this forum - found out, that my problem is not isolated. I've posted there about my issue with phone model and android
  5. This is absolutely true, all of what You said. But - if You say A, You must say B. Maybe giving an ETA was a mistake, but if You did that, You are obliged to update the project status, especially if there are some, expected or not, difficulties. IF You respect Your customers... I literally can't imagine the situation, that Max can't find 5 minutes to update project status. Alpha started about year ago, this thread - a month ago. During this time there were so many 5-minute periods, one of them for sure could be used up to send an information to community.
  6. Lucky You. My phone, and many others, regarding request thread, are not supported on Nougat.
  7. Unfortunately Hi-res audio is not supported on Android 7.x. We are all waiting on v3 beta update, which is promised to fix this issue (at least for some devices). An idea of video playback in Poweramp is just weird. Poweramp is a music player, period.
  8. There is almost a month when @andrewilley started this v3 update topic. We still hasn't anything official. To be honest, I don't care about new interface (although it'll be great), I even don't care about hypothetical new features in Poweramp v3 (will there be any, compared to actual alpha release?) - all I need is a fix for Hi res audio output, which works fine until I've updated my phone to android 7.1.1.... And yes, I've posted in the proper request thread. Just my two cents.
  9. 1. Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro SE ('kate' edition) 2. Lineage OS 14.1 (Android 7.1.1) 3. HiRes output works well on Android 6.0-based stock MIUI rom. I hate all the MIUI things, so I've decided to get rid of them and installed 7.1-based custom rom, HiRes output disappeared on alpha-build-703 (from play store) I've installed alpha-build-704 (APKMirror, version from 28th May 2016) and HiRes output is available again, but only for USB DAC (it states as follows: "Variant: USB DAC only"). I think something is broken in Nougat implementation, according to the rest of the posts here.
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