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  1. Hi, so with your investigation, it seems that there is no way of using/forcing 44,1 kHz? If I understand correctly conversions always happens to 48, 192 or 384 depending on configuration. Regards, Manuel.
  2. Hi Maxmp, have you confirmed the last topic? Does the dongle always use 192khz rate? In UAPP I'm able to select 44,1 (also 192 khz by the way). Best quality should be always doing no conversion. Regards, Manuel.
  3. Thanks Maxmp! So the samsung USB-C headset dac is always using 192 khz even if I select (for example) 44.1 khz? Is there any way to actually confirm this way? I was looking to be able to use the sampling rate of the Files I play, but from other post you send I understand that Samsung (at least on S10) is using fixed frecuencyes (48, 192 & 356 if I remember well). I do not know if this is also true for the EE-UC10JU adapter... Regards, Manuel.
  4. Mine is the EU one: EE-UC10JUWEGWW but as I said I have the same issue. Fixed at 48khz. Regards.
  5. I have the same problem with Samsung Galaxy Tab S6. No way of make it working beyond 48khz. I also disable DVC in both, this screen and general parameter.
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