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  1. It is not working in Android 6. All SD fixes in Android 6 requires xposed
  2. Thanx for reply I'm doing exactly like you say I check. There is no write-protect properties on my music files and folders What should I do after that? Marshmallow SD fixes require xposed module. There is no xposed for my firmware.
  3. Poweramp version 2.0.10 build 588 from Google Play My OS Android 6.0 Stock My music files placed in external SD card. I try to delete file from player and got message "access denied" After this i pressed button "access", choose "extenal SD card", press "select all" (also I try choose only my music folder, not all SD card) Then I got message "access allowed", but file not deleted. When I try to delete this file again, I got again message "access denied" Another apps has no problems with access to files on external SD card. Пожалуйста, решите мою проблему.
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