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  1. supernova7

    Poweramp beta build-792

    Chiming in on the same exact issue. Only "shuffle all songs" is functional. Android 8.0 on Galaxy S8+
  2. try to restart your phone, this used to happen to me and it would just go away on a restart.
  3. supernova7

    Option of next or upcoming track list

    If i understand you correctly, then you want a dynamically changing now playing list that shows the the list order after you hit shuffle. If so, then i support that request and need it too as it was present in my previous player also (sony music) and i used it all the time to modify list order whether shuffled or not.
  4. Whenever I play songs from the: All songs, Most played, Top rated tabs or basically any list that is NOT the queue or a user playlist, there is no option to rearrange the order in which the currently playing list plays. I know the queue can be rearranged but say I'm playing an artist or from any of the above mentioned tabs and want to play songs in a certain order? A simple knob to rearrange whatever is "now playing" would be great and is desperately needed. And guessing from my experience with other players, and from Poweramp itself, can be done as it already is an option for the "Queue list".
  5. supernova7

    "Play Next" option when adding items to queue

    I absolutely agree and need this feature
  6. I need this feature and support this request too!
  7. When I swipe from the right to change any of the visualization settings say from normal to fullscreen or from hide to keep controls for example the setting does change, only for it to revert some hours later to fullscreen + hide controls for some reason. I'm using a galaxy S6 on stock nougat
  8. supernova7

    Poweramp alpha-build-702

    After updating my samsung galaxy S6 to Nougat 7.0 there is no longer the Hi-res output plugin. Only audiotrack and openSL ES options are there. And second bug for me is that sometimes on seeking the song would be muted. I.e. it would stop playing without the volume being lowered and while the seek bar is still showing song is progressing normally. Lastly I wish there could be a way to rearrange the "now playing" list just like there is for the queue. What I mean is whenever I'm playing say an album and i open that album list, i cant seem to find an option to rearrange the songs so that they would play in preferred order. **Edit: after scrolling through this topic I found out about alpha 704 so I updated and now the Hi-res output option is back.