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  1. I am on v3 703 alpha. What is working for me: 


    Last.fm app

    Nothing enabled in Poweramp scrobbling settings.

    And under headset/bluetooth enabled Metachanged intent. (if I disable it, it only scrobbles first song and then keeps showing now scrobbling the same song even thought another song(s) are playing.

    If I check Send Album - Artist under headset/bluetooth, it messes up scrobbling adding albums to scrobbles. So in car via BT I see only title, but it scrobbles correctly.



    Previously I was on latest v2 scrobbling via SLS while having enabled SLS scrobbling in Poweramp (while having enabled Send Album - Artist under headset/bluetooth) and everything was working just perfect. But I had to switch phones and v2 was playing sort of messy audio on new phone (Android 7.1.1) so I switched to v3 and audio playback is now fine and scrobbling after much fiddling around too..

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