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  1. Everyone here who is in favor of MAX or against him. Please stop Spamming. You guys are not doing any good, instead giving more headache to either maintainer or MAX. I also check for Updates but do not make comments like give me update or why its late or why people are spamming. Let them take their time to release it. Do you guys really think they will not release the build if its good? For one or the other reason he has not yet released the build. please stop spamming everyone and have some patience. You will like it when it will come. Hope everyone understands. Thanks.
  2. Change v4a to compatibility mode it will solve the issue.
  3. I think you might have installed ARISE Sound System. ARISE installs Lenovo HIFI.
  4. Cool.. hope main release happens soon.. thanks.
  5. Yep I totally understand that. Is there any workaround for it at this moment. I already requested in proper thread.
  6. Anyone facing this kind of issue. Device: Redmi note 3. ROM: AOSPEXTENDED.
  7. 1. Redmi note 3(Kenzo). 2. AospExtended(Android 7.1) custom ROM. 3. It's supports 24bit/196 khz audio. Link gsmarena. File : audio_policy.conf
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