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  1. Can't wait to see your new "monster skin" 😊
  2. You can try pa newest build 823. It has more options to cusomise on the default skin. Or you can try another superb skin which I use it too.
  3. Hi, Actually, I'm happy with the default theme. But, your skin is promising. So I bought it. But can you improve some aspects in it? 1. Can you please change the font style of time track? I would love to see it just standard style not italic one. 2. Can you please change the pause button with white color icon and circle line on it just like play button? So it will be match with other icon. 3. I see there's more gap between especially icons (visualisation, timer, repeat, and suffle) and player button with player button and other stuff below. Maybe this is due to my phone aspect ratio. I'm using Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2. Can you please look into it? So it can be balance. Thanks. Your skin is awesome!
  4. Same here. Another small issue. Track labels not aligned correctly. Great update anyway. Thanks Max.
  5. Agreed. There's an inconsistency beetween button panels while is active or not especially for sleep button and other.
  6. Same here. Try to clean install but the issue still exists. Only happen when using pro buttons. Swiping album arts works fine. I've sent crash log.
  7. I love new ui. More intuitive than the old one. But obviously needs improvement. That's a good news.
  8. My seekbar looks fine too. But I'm agree if the bar series of that seekbar is too thick. I hope there will be option for changing the thickness of seekbar.
  9. First of all, I would like to say thank you very much for your awesome app. I really appreciate for your hard work into it. This is the only music app that I installed on my phone. And after trying many other apps, I always get back into Poweramp. Thank you very much. Anyway, I prefer to use version 709 instead of 790. Maybe beside 790 is not ready yet or is not the final release yet. But I don't know, I just like how it looks than the newer 790. Let's say, the looks is a bit boring, but I don't care. So I hope you won't abandon it for future update. If I may, I have some request just on display aspect. 1. Could you please give option to hide bottom panels on main screen like on version 2? I know there's options for hiding panels on settings page but seems it's not working. Maybe just bottom panels. The top panels it's fine for me. 2. And could you please positioning the album art a bit lower so it will looks more balance between top and bottom? I'm sorry if my request is sounds crazy or something. But thank you if you want to look into it. Thank you very much. Regards, Greetings from Indonesia.
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