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  1. 1. LG G5 H850 2. Stock Android 7.0 3. My device supports 24-bit/192kHz audio but when I want to activate it, the app says "failed Poweramp hi-res exp output" and than app using default output. It was working well with LG G2 Stock 5.0.2 but now I upgrade my phone to G5 and hi-res audio not working anymore
  2. I don't know this is bug or not but; After I enable hi-res output(variant: snapdragon 24-bit pcm); While music playing, when I close the screen after 20 second sound become interruption. After I activate screen sound become normal. Maybe phone goes sleep mode I don't know. I fix this issue via settings>misc>tweaks>use wakelock. I don't know this is maybe disable phone get in to sleep mode and maybe this makes phone battery drain fast. No problem with other output options. Phone and Model: LG G2 Firmware: Stock Android 5.0.2 Lollipop V30F Poweramp: alpha-build-
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