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  1. Yeah, 803 is pretty good. I did not find that issue here. Thanks for the reply
  2. When I was on 799 every now and then I would see this bug. The name of the song that is playing is incorrect. It shows the song that was playing earlier. I just downloaded 803, and am trying to recreate this. Did anyone see a similar issue in any of the builds. I am on OP5T 8.1.1
  3. Are you kidding me? He re-did it entirely. And it looks great now.
  4. Automatic playlists- most played, top rated and other data like user ratings and user playlists disappeared. No reinstallation, am not using third party cleaner app or anything. Not sure why this happened. I am using Motorola Moto X play Android 6.0.1
  5. Can we implement a pop-up when we adjust the EQ or gain sliders? To show the current value in dB. And also, if possible.. One can broaden or narrow down the bandwidth of a particular slider. For more precise control over the tone
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