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  1. Guys; you seem pretty knowledge on the subject. I have a FiiO Q1 connected to my S6 running Android 6.0.1. Alpha 703 (installed quietly overnight) detects the DAC but no sound is heard on headphones. Everything works well on Neutron and USB Audio Pro. Now, for me as well, when the DAC is powered, Neutron is launched and starts playing (I cannot remember how to disable this feature...) Any ideas...??? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello; I have connected my Samsung S6 to my FiiO Q1 through USB. Alpha 703 detects the FiiO DAC (Java Based and Hi-Res) but no sound is heard on Headphones. I have Neutron player and everything works fine with it (When the DAC is powered on, Neutron automatically starts playing.) Are there some settings I am missing on Android or on Poweramp? Thank you in advance.
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