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  1. Brilliant! Thanks Andre! Build 704 fixed everything :). Your company really do fantastic work. Just want to let you know how appreciative I am of Poweramp. Thanks again! John
  2. Hi, I'm new so go easy! I have an issue on samsung galaxy s7 edge (Exynos). There is an issue on android 7, when there is a lot of bass the actual high audio dampens. Android version 6.0 allowed me to use high res experimental support and I didnt have this problem, and android 7 no longer allows me to use this option. (I previously downgraded to 6.0 just to keep this feature and have better bass. Android 6.0: (192khz) And now (android 7) (48khz, unchangeable) Can someone please advise me whats wrong, or what I am doing wron
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