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  1. Just want to give some heads up about my "hi res request" with custom rom. Some rom doesn't support hi res like Pixel Experience, so I decide to download all available official rom from xda (pie & oreo) and test it one by one. Now I'm on arrow os pie and it support hi res playback for Poweramp..
  2. Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 AI Pixel Experience (AOSP Pie 9.0.0) Snapdragon 636 Poweramp 796-play hi res only play at 48khz 16bit audio_output_policy.conf build.prop
  3. Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 AI Pixel Experience (Pie 9.0.0_r1) Snapdragon 636 It was fine on miui oreo Hi res option is available, but only 16bit 48khz without sound I already post the issue on rom's thread on xda audio_output_policy.conf audio_policy_configuration.xml audio_policy_volumes.xml
  4. this screenshot from old PA build 704 + marsmallow rom. it should be 2 images as comparation from marsmallow rom + PA 704 vs on oreo + PA 790, i forgot to add the one from oreo...
  5. dumpsys media.audio_flinger still pcm16 4800khz on Redmi note 3 oreo + Poweramp build 790. Hi-res option doesn't work as it should yet. Rolling back to marshmallow + PA build 704 EDITED: here's a screenshot from mm rom + PA build 704 with 192khz 24 bit working as it should for wired headphone.
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