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  1. Vandy

    Poweramp Build 830

    This version sound quality are very bad , feels like GPU driver need some luck to update
  2. After I added two songs,the recently added list was mess up , then I click clean list button , it doesn't show any song even I added new songs.
  3. Vandy

    Poweramp Build 821

    It's doesn't work on my Note 9 Android Pie if I forbidden Google Service
  4. My Note 9 had same situation
  5. 1.Search bar “X ”button have no response when I touched 2.Interface button and songs info color can be translucent or base on album cover 3.Completely transparent status bar 4.Change artist and album button to the first line of menu 5.Increase the cover area to align bottom button
  6. My phone is Samsung Note 8 Oreo In my opinion,I don't like new interface,can't understand why spend huge area to show frequency spectrum ,it's not necessary and beautiful。I really need “last song/ next song”、“last list/next list”button and broadcast pace strip,it's inconvenient by removed these functions,and I don't like title covered the album cover。 The problem of software crash is very serious ,and I can't use widget into software。 It's spend 2 years waiting,we just got a version of basic function imperfect ,maybe we need next 2-year waiting to let Max make Poweramp better
  7. Maybe it will coming next year? My phone note 8 update Oreo today , it's too sad that AMP doesn't aply Hires output anymore, I really want use LDAC even 704 had a huge bug (unintelligible stop play music ,sometimes can play one hour more, sometimes just one song)
  8. Beta version now become a joke,maybe 704 is last version for Poweramp
  9. Seriously?So many bugs in 704 ,can't wait for next release ,It's been 18 month since last version 704 release!
  10. Wow,so many ideas that you have,I just thought the interface simple and coarse,if beta version like this ,we don't know which song I played,and I really need progress bar
  11. OMG,the button ,the album info,I couldn't understand the bottom interface , hope we can change skin in next beta
  12. I agree,maybe we think too much ,Max will release beta version in May 2018
  13. Almost a year without new release