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  1. I agree with the sound being so much better in my car with 790, if anything I would love 709 to have the sound engine that 790 has, it just sounds louder imo, where for some of my songs using 709 it's too quiet. I wind up switching between the two. I want to use 790 but it kills me with everything not working, but the sound brings me right back to it. I have 709 and 790 both sitting in as apks being installed depending if I'm looking for all options or for sound... I hope this update happens soon enough for 790
  2. Lol I said it like that cuz I had all them bitches on haha, thinking that was the issue of why it was doing that? never crossed my mind to turn it off
  3. Turning off??? Like the complete opoosite?? Edit: holy crap that did fix it! Turn all them lockscreen options off!
  4. That almost sounds like you have your volume beep on ur phone set to urgent or something, mine doesn't do this, although it does lower volume when any notification happens even with the setting in Poweramp set to not lower volume
  5. Btw I am happy to see this finally released. Being on s8 plus and having at least one hd option, the sound is so much better compared to before. I do see the scratchiness people are talking about when I use certain plugins like my bluetooth FM transmitter. But headphones seem to work fine. Guess it depends on the phone or something from the sound of it. Thank you Max for bringing some light back
  6. When I get the dark theme turned on, it tends to bug out when going into the equalizer and other menus surrounding that. Sometimes like there are blocks of the dark theme with white and other times it's just the white theme, but when the dark theme does work, u cant see the words to the wheels like stereo expand and whatnot
  7. U dont have to restart your phone if it locks up. Just go to your phone settings where the app is and force stop it, works after that
  8. Naa no root, just good ol s8 plus, thanks for the reply, just wanted to do my part if needed
  9. As far as the info needed posted how to I go abouts to do that? I want to help as much as I can
  10. Am I reading this like people are finding ways to make the hi res work?? I'm on an s8 plus oreo build. If that is possible to make happen, can someone walk me through it? Or am I like just so damn tired and reading this topic all wrong lol let me know
  11. I had to revert to build 585 to get it to finally open, so uninstalled Poweramp, found the 585 build, it worked, then updated it back to the 703, and its working.. again the hi res audio isn't there but at least the app works for now
  12. I had to revert to build 585 to get it to finally open, that sucks.... Update: I updated to the newer build after installing the 585 build and it works now, except the hi res audio still not there ? Max, I appreciate the hard work and dedication u have put into this app. I look forward to the new build next month!
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