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  1. I love buttons, lots of buttons. But I agree an option to make the UI ultra simple would be good.
  2. Hi there, I use playlists a lot and they're good but it would be great if I could group albums and/or playlists, essentially it would be a playlist of playlists. This would mean that I could group an entire compilation series and skip from 1 album to the next easily. As opposed to skipping every track of an album to get to the next album queued in the playlist. I could group by; Genre Artist Decade Series e.g. FabricLive, Ministry of Sound Maybe this functionality already exists, I can't find it though! Also, is there anyway to stream net radio to Poweramp? I like TuneIn but the quality is typically poor.
  3. If the audio level of a recording is that low, the recording itself should be normalized.
  4. Well I'll be damned! Will try this later, thanks
  5. I'd rather not make it that easy. Clumsy thumbs n all, however it wouldn't be a problem as an option.
  6. Essentially a tweak that would allow the app to automatically switch the EQ preset, dependent on the output. Headphone Socket = My headphone preset Bluetooth A2DP = My bluetooth (car) preset Internal Speakers = My phone speaker preset Optimising a signal for different outputs is something I like to do and having an automatic switch would be great! Great work on the app, I had to buy it as my WT19i doesn't play my BIG archive of 56kbps MP4 files correctly with any other program than Poweramp. Encoding again would have taken me days! Thank you.
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