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  1. continuing from my previous post.... I just read help text that say license is only checked once, unless the app is re-installed, or a ROM update occurred. For this second fail, There was maintenance security release update about a week ago, while it kept the same Android release 6.0 level, I'm guessing that qualifies as a ROM update? I guess that must be what triggered the recent license fail. Currently Poweramp say's Purchase Verified Store:Play under settings-about. So this license problem should not re-occur, right? I don't remember the details of the first fail, it did happen when the phone what fairly new, so maybe the app timed out trying to confirm the license. I most always use the Poweramp where there is no wifi, and I keep my cell data turned off which must aggravate this license issue..
  2. "Failed to Verify License" happened to me today, for the second time. Both times I was in a state park, without wifi access. Played fine for 30 or so minutes then stopped with the license error. This happened with the thePoweramp unlocker app on my phone. The phone is the Moto X Pure Android 6.0 . Poweramp version 2.0.10-bundle -588-play(Full Version) . How does one avoid this license problem?
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