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  1. Hello! An answer finally, suberb! I do not quite follow what you mean here? I have read all possible things you have here..? If I have a non google email account ville@dlc.fi defined in the phones settings and it is working, should not that work with the ID number you did send to me when registering? Cheers Ville
  2. Hello! I recommend to stay away this product. I have sent many email messages, directly here for support and the reseller. Nobody answers to the messages. Poweramp looks ok program but the registration for the full version does not work at all.. Even if I have created the requested email account under phone settings/Accounts, the registration always ends with "No such Google or Email (Android 3.0+) account registered on device" error.. I work in IT so I know about the accounts etc.. So be aware and do not pay for nothing.. All the best.. Ville
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