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  1. Never mind... The solution I mentioned above only works about 50% of the time. Also, manually scanning is not helping either. Hopefully the new update fixes these bugs.
  2. Poweramp build number - 856-860 your device model - Samsung Galaxy S10 SM-G973W your Android version - Android Version 10 - One UI Version 2.0 your custom ROM name/version - Stock Before when the music was playing on the lockscreen all I would see is the album art and the sound bar at the bottom. Now it's showing me all the options like search, settings, etc. Is there any way to revert this back to the way it was before?
  3. I just recently started having the same problem on my Samsung Galaxy S10. Selecting the song then clicking Info Tags -> Edit Tags -> Save This usually updates the cover art/data but obviously this is not the ideal way of doing things. I'll try turning the auto-scan off and manually scanning once everything has been added tonight. Hopefully this works.
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