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  1. ii would be nice to mention HOW. I have rooted (4.4.2) and still cant edit tags - music catalogs are on externat card. ps ok i got it (method 1): http://technofaq.org/posts/2014/04/fixing-external-sd-card-write-issue-on-android-kitkat/
  2. Yes i know.. it would resolve this problem...but...as i mentioned built-in image application in NOTE 2 collect all images on phone - its stupid but this is how it works. (no way to limit folders) . If i add covers.jpgs in album folders it will create dozens separate folders in gallery/image application = total mess. Maybe i should change image application..but i like it. I dont know if it consider to many gallery applications on samsung phones but in mine - yes. In regard of this issue it would be nice to add easy way to manipulate covers in Poweramp.
  3. Thats what im saying. Tapping and holding on cover/albumart in folder list SHOULD show me all available covers in THIS catalog/folder which was previously downloaded/embedded without all this mess given in link. Methods in your link are more like workarounds than real solution - neither intuitive nor comfortable. For example someone have folder with many different artist, albums etc. Some of them have just ugly or not attractive covers that i dont want to see (emebedded or downloaded by Poweramp - never mind), and i really dont want to bother to change there anything - tracks, embedded coversr etc. I expect it from Poweramp - possibility to in easy way change folder covers. I have paid version of Poweramp..so if such function is not implemented - i think it should be because this is in my opinion fundamental function.
  4. I think i didnt make myself understood. I meant covers FOR Folder list, not for particular track. You know..list of folders with albums...they share common cover. How to change it in the same way like for single track??
  5. When i want to play a whole folder (from 3 dots -> play) Poweramp ALWAYS return to "repeat next list" (or something like that - im using other language in there) icon instead of previous state which i always set to turn off state. This automatic behavior really drive me insane. I dont want play all music on my phone - i want always play all files from folder and finish it. Unfortunatelly from unknow reasons, player always come back to "---->" icon . Every time i need to change it first, before playing folder. I believe its a bug. It should remember this basic setting. I would like state like on scren every time when im playing folder = greyed = disabled.
  6. Is there no possibility to change in easy way album art ? I think it should be done by simply tapping on cover and choose a few alternatives. At present I have about 30% folder covers absolutely not matching the artist/albums !! (though there are correct tags - ie. Shakespeare poem wtf?? ) and the rest 40% covers coming from correct albums but which i dont want to be displayed (I would like to have specific adequate album cover) . It's annoying. I tried to put cover.jpg in almost every folder but its not good solution - my phone images applications gather all images on phone - adding 100 covers create a one big mess)
  7. "using nougat on Mate 9.puting sd card to pc and disabling read only in the folder optios solved the issue for me as well. thnx guys." It doesnt work at all . I have also volume label on my sdcard. No read only checked for folders, deleting a file (within Poweramp) works OK - but editing tag still show me that its not possible. THE PROBLEM IS STILL NOT RESOLVED. (NOTE 2 Android 4.4)
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