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  1. This has been requested many, many times and it seems to be impossible. One workaround was programmed, but this does not work for me. My solution was to change my music player to another with android auto support.
  2. I would really love to see both, the music provider and the AndroidAuto support. Although my hopes are really low. AndroidAuto support has been requested a lot since over two years now and nothing has happened since...
  3. But Android Auto Support is so much needed! Several users had no choice but to switch to other apps already - which is a pity.
  4. Yes, yes, yes. This is still the most missing feature for me!
  5. I had similar problems with my old headphones. I switched to a new pair of headphones and the problem disappeared. I think the problem for me was the 3.5mm connector. Do you have the chance of testing with another AUX cable? I could see no differences between the two connectors, but the one from my old headphones always made problems, the new one works just fine. I'm a bit unsure with this as your problem seems to be app dependent, but maybe Poweramp acts a bit more nervous to the event of plugging and deplugging the audio cable? BYe Thomas
  6. kempkes

    Android Auto

    It seems to me like this is the most missed feature in the last months. But it still is not even in the poll for the most requested features.
  7. Hi Andre, does Max read this forum from time to time? Or have you already told him about the many many desperate wishes for Android Auto support? Would it be possible to add Android Auto to the FeatureRequest list? Thank you (and Max!) for your great work so far. BYe Thomas
  8. Desperately needed! +1
  9. +1 for me for adding support for Android Auto!
  10. Another +1 for Android Auto support!
  11. Another vote for quick Android Auto integration! I got quite used to the Android Auto interface while driving and I really miss Poweramp in the list of available audio players, my podcast, audio book players are already integrated and Google Music as well. I do miss my "normal" music player while driving very much.
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