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  1. Just accidentally changed tracks via the swipe again: To get from the Now Playing screen to the current artist's other albums, it's swipe down then swipe right, and it's easy to get these confused when swiping quickly.
  2. I don't know why some people have such a bone for swiping. It's messy and doesn't work well. And it's confusing, now that there are several other places to swipe, such as swiping right on a track list to go to the album list. I paid for this media player, and it's the best one I know of for Android. I would gladly contribute to a Patreon project or some other method of continuing revenue for the developer. I support the developer of my favorite podcast app this way. It's ridiculous to remove usability features with no option to get them back. I can understand that if you like swiping, it may be hard to understand why somebody else wouldn't. And I understand that the developer can't predict everyone's preference. But this media player isn't just another free app to me; I paid for it and would love the opportunity to continue to support the developer financially, and I would even support a "bounty" model for users to pay (vote with their dollars) to get certain features/bugs moved up in priority. I'd pay to fix this one.
  3. Swiping isn't part of "the latest technical features". Removing a critical usability feature isn't a step forward.
  4. @maxmp, Swiping to navigate on mobile UIs has always been problematic for me, and I've never wanted it. I have accidentally changed tracks with a "swipe" dozens of times; I have intentionally changed tracks with a wipe zero times. Why was this option removed? This was an actively used feature in v2. Please bring it back
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