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  1. danhash

    Scrobbling still broken!

    Yes I do
  2. danhash

    Scrobbling still broken!

    When I listen to a song on repeat, it's scrobbled correctly each time it's played. I have had a LOT of trouble with this in the past, with other scrobbling apps and with alpha/beta versions of Poweramp. But with the final version of v2 and the production versions of v3 I have not had this issue.
  3. danhash

    Scrobbling still broken!

    I hate to be "that guy", but I don't have this issue with v3. I did have scrobbling issues with the pre-release versions I tested, however, which is one reason I always reverted from the pre-release versions back to v2 until v3 came out. With v3, scrobbling has worked perfectly for me since it came out. Details: I have a Galaxy Note9 with Android 8.1.0. SLS v1.5.7 I have all battery conservation settings disabled for SLS. Poweramp v3-build-820-play (Full Version) - It just updated to the new Play version. Scrobbling in the previous v3 release version worked just fine for me too. "Scrobble via Simple Last.fm" is enabled If you want to compare against any of my other settings, let me know.
  4. danhash

    Queue repeats at end

    I've noticed that on some songs (not all), it will not play the last ~4 seconds and then skip to the next song. But I've had this happen in the middle of an album too, not just at the end.
  5. danhash

    Problems with Crossfade, Fade and Gapless

    I have also noticed that the fade-in settings are not honored in v3. I have a post about that here: This was present in the Alpha: And it was present in v2: Best I can tell, little has been done to fix the issues with fade-in. Personally, I can't think of a reason why anyone would want fade-in at the beginning of a track.
  6. Not fixed in v3 either:
  7. danhash

    Still no way to disable fade-in

    Version: v3-build-816-play (Full version) Phone: Galaxy Note9 (SM-N960U) on T-Mobile running Android 8.1.0 App settings: * Auto-advance fading: No fading * Manual Track Change Fading: No fading * Fade Play/Pause/Stop: Off * Fade on Seek: Off * All of the "Length" settings can't be set to zero, so I have them on max length to make fading more obvious for troubleshooting
  8. There is still a fade-in at the beginning of tracks. As far as I can tell, no fade-in issues have been fixed. Even with every available fade-in setting disabled, there is still a fade. I paid for this app and would gladly donate to fix this long broken feature, but still zero has been done to remove the fade.
  9. danhash

    Poweramp beta build-792

    The fade-in bug still hasn't been fixed. More details here:
  10. I just tested the fade-in again with In Your Words by Lamb of God, and the problem isn't even close to fixed. If I start on the previous track and hit next track, there's a fade-in. Also, if a different track is playing and I tap on the track to play it, there's a fade-in. Poweramp is simply not honoring the settings, still.
  11. @djdarko, Just installed 792 and playing with it. So far, Last.fm scrobbling isn't working, I can't disable swiping to change tracks, and there doesn't seem to be a normal seekbar. Even if the fade is fixed, all three of these issues are dealbreakers for me, so I may have to switch back to the last stable version. I'll still test fade before switching back though. Thanks.
  12. danhash

    Poweramp beta build-792

    Also: How can I disable swipe to change tracks? I no longer see the option How can I get the normal seekbar back? It's now very hard to seek within a track
  13. danhash

    Poweramp beta build-792

    With this new Poweramp beta, scrobbling isn't working for me with SLS. Last.fm will show the Now Playing notifications, but when the track changes, the play isn't actually scrobbled. I've run into this in the past, and it's typically due to the media player not correctly communicating with SLS to tell it to scrobble.