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  1. I had an idea that came to me, make a small button somewhere on the side, that with a 2-second press, pops up a card with the full file name!
  2. There are two ideas that come to mind, the first would be more than one text row, the second and my prefered solution would be a "Scroll by tap" as andrew suggested, one longer tap on a file to get it scrolled, I agree having all files scrolling simultaniously could look confusing.
  3. Does @maxmp frequent this forum even?
  4. @andrewilley Thanks, that's a good suggestion, to me browsing audios with long filenames like it is now with Poweramp is no fun realy. I often can't find out what it is from the first few letters only. It makes browsing the library cumbersome.
  5. Is there any possibility to see the full names? (In this case no meta tags only filename but I want the into shown fully to me in the list)
  6. No, I meant the characters are limited and cut off with a [...] at the end when the filename is too long. It scrolls when in full view, but when I tap on the cover to show all tracks in the playlist, the filename is cut off and not shown completely. See I added a screen shot
  7. Hi, how can I show long file names in the list, is there an option? I tried but all list views, but non show the full long audio names, when it is a long one. Using latest Poweramp Pro.
  8. I haven't been able to use this enough, as I have just surprisingly stumbled upon the v3 release through the liscense update, that had it mentioned. And so far a good surprise, new design looks neat, there are just a few touches that need to be done imo, to perfect it. I also find the Trackname placement suboptimal, with the option it is better, but having it somehow with full cover would be nicer. The play buttons imo also need an update as they don't go seamless with the rest of the design, the pro option looks even like a copy of the old v2. Other than that, I am still testing, bu
  9. Is it technically possible to have Spotify running through Poweramp? That would be great, their app is rather average.
  10. I just tested it, works perfectly! So happy this has been added, only small improvements in GUI and it would be perfect so far! (Again) my favourite music player, I imagine even that the sound quality was better. Btw, it was in discussion, that the v3 player could/would support Spotify, has this worked out by any chance?
  11. Has stumbled upon this update to 3.0, I have to say beautiful, modern, especially the animations. Few things are still not smooth enough GUI wise, the play/pause button doesn't look smooth as the rest and I also used to dislike the title display in bold black over the cover, the solution is now much nicer, though not perfect still. It says in the downloads it is the final, when will it be on Play Store? And also did Max consider adding an option for audiobooks to save the last play position?
  12. Agreed, the poll itself was meaningless for the reason you adressed, few really meaningful options other than material design and also not enough people who participated to get a representative result. The last thing you've mentioned was me writing this. I'm a heavy user and most good apps I have are regularly maintained in functionality, stability and reliability but also updated to the latest guidelines, which is material design that most apps I use support. To me tweaking the UI is not the most important thing in an app, but neither is it unimportant, as it influences user friendli
  13. Well said, only difference is, Mozilla changed the whole Firefox engine and technology in 2 years and as a bonus addition revamped its look. Max is changing the look as a major version update, which is unusual to say the least as major updates usually have deeper changes and improvements. Programing can be time consuming, I know, the best solution would be if he actively searched for other devs and made a team to push things forward in another manner. I find that very disappointing, the more it took for the long announced v3, the higher my expectations where, now that I know that,
  14. I also find, that Max should take some devs into the boat, for an app with that many users 50million plus 1million paid, the update really take too long. I made a suggestion about audiobooks and other long audio files that are resumable, when returning to the playback (the only thing that I really miss in Poweramp). Is it implemented in the latest betas?
  15. Hmmm damn, I tested many players and none did actually have that function, which is really strange, because there are so many long audio files as you mentioned audiobooks, podcasts, radio shows, concerts or lengthy mix-tracks, and really continuing where you left off only makes sense... Hope this will be added in to v3 as I really miss this function now as I listen more to audiobooks
  16. Hmm, idk, I'm searching atm. but in my logic this should be a basic functionallity of a player, and as you mentioned it has been requested for years, why doesn't Max pay attention to this request? Shoudl't be too hard to implement if he is able to program such a player, saving sonngs position should be a piece of cake to him
  17. Ah ok, I just tested this by removing the unwanted cover and PA downloads the right one then, which is actually applied for the whole album automatically
  18. I have many albums, all with album titles, PA hasn't solved this intelligently enough for my liking and doing it manually is not even practical
  19. Wow, I really never thought that such an essential feature could be missing in Poweramp, actually a reason enough for me to switch to another player as Poweramp 3 seems to be taking ages to finish after so many announcments.. If the dev can't manage to finish the app in forseeable future, why even announce it so much, reminds me of Dr. Dre with his album Detox, that was announced for like 10 years at least until it was cancelled in the end.. Anyway, I 'll bee looking for another player
  20. Hi, how can I tell Poweramp to continue where I left off when for instance listening to an audiobook that is 120min. it always starts from the beginning and I have to search for the time I want to continue listening.
  21. Hi, how can I tell Poweramp to use the downloaded album cover not only for the song, but for the whole album instead?
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