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    Android Auto Support

    Another request for Android Auto I don't want to buy another app and stop using Poweramp but if the dev doesn't even reply to all the posts of people asking for AA, i can't see another option.
  2. XIKO29

    Playlists dissappear?!

    I created the playlists song by song in Poweramp. Before i made the factory reset, I went to Settings > Folders and Library > Export Poweramp Playlists which created the m3u8 files. Of course, since i never said anything about having imported the playlists from a pc or something else, and if i didn't, the probability of not being m3u was very little, so it's obvious about the type.
  3. XIKO29

    Playlists dissappear?!

    It says 0 bytes. Well, I have to do it again from scratch. Thanks Best regards
  4. XIKO29

    Playlists dissappear?!

    Hi, I just made a factory reset and did not changed anything in SD card. I went now to the playlist app, opened each file with an text editor and it's blank
  5. Hi, I formated my smartphone and now i installed Poweramp, gave him the location for my music folder (external memory card) and it found all the files successfully but it doesn't import the playlist i had. They are also on the external memory. I already tried to move the folder to the music and to the internal memory but without success. (HTC 10, Android 7.0) Thanks Best regards