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  1. I installed another app (JetAudio), created a playlist (m3u; on my music folder) and then removed the app. 😁
  2. I also tried to rename it but didn't work. For now the problem is solved and that's what's matter 😁 Thanks for your time and help
  3. Hi, I already got a reply to the email i sent to SaA dev. Their app only accepts m3u, and .pls file-based playlists. So, the "problem" is more on their side. Thanks for the attention.
  4. Hi, I saved the playlists i created with Poweramp (v3-build-882-arm64-play; Android 10, stock) and i wanted to use one of them with Sleep An Android app The problem is that it does find the playlists but like they were empty. I already tried using the Poweramp original path; creating a folder on the root of the phone memory called "Playlists" and saving there; another one inside my music folder; also on the music folder root. Always without success. Then i installed JetAudio HD Music Player, created a playlist on the root of my music folder and it worked, even after unins
  5. Simple but good! I just want to ask 2 things: -Can you add an option to change the colour of the buttons for "Visualisation", "Timer", "Repeat" and "Shuffle" options? Because with the colours of some album art, they stay very imperceptible. -Can't you add customization options for the Library? It would also be very good if you could change the background of the info regarding the name of the song, album, and artist, and the thumbs buttons. It's very dark. Thanks
  6. Another request for Android Auto I don't want to buy another app and stop using Poweramp but if the dev doesn't even reply to all the posts of people asking for AA, i can't see another option.
  7. I created the playlists song by song in Poweramp. Before i made the factory reset, I went to Settings > Folders and Library > Export Poweramp Playlists which created the m3u8 files. Of course, since i never said anything about having imported the playlists from a pc or something else, and if i didn't, the probability of not being m3u was very little, so it's obvious about the type.
  8. It says 0 bytes. Well, I have to do it again from scratch. Thanks Best regards
  9. Hi, I just made a factory reset and did not changed anything in SD card. I went now to the playlist app, opened each file with an text editor and it's blank
  10. Hi, I formated my smartphone and now i installed Poweramp, gave him the location for my music folder (external memory card) and it found all the files successfully but it doesn't import the playlist i had. They are also on the external memory. I already tried to move the folder to the music and to the internal memory but without success. (HTC 10, Android 7.0) Thanks Best regards
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