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  1. Hi, Max, Hiring a company to translate into your main languages is a good ideea if you want to avoid having to wait for translations. Additionally, I suggest that you start a project on crowdin.net so anyone interested can contribute to the translations in their own language. Create a plugin or addon (i.e. Additional Poweramp Translations) that would feature these translations and release it from time to time for the happiness of your growing international users community. Thanks. Btw. I would gladly contribute to the Hungarian and Romanian translation. Akos
  2. Hello, I don't think this will work well. Chapter lengths tend to vary a lot from book to book, setting one good-for-all lenth will prove impossible. Instead I would suggest the option to add a folder in which audiobooks are stored. We could then set i.e. the "Podcasts & Audiobooks" folder as such in PA and the program would know it should handle those files accordingly. I have two more suggestions completing those of Andre: 3) Add an option to display buttons for forward/backward skipping a set number of seconds. The length could be user-configurable, but it's not essential. 5 or 10 secs will work, I think. 4) Add an option to increase/decrease play speed i.e. by increments of 50%. When you listen to speech, this is a must. Thank you for considering these humble suggestions. Your application is simply astonishing. Akos
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