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  1. Yes, I did get it, Andre. Those playlists are all good. I have them. It is the ones that I have created since then, on Poweramp, have lost all their tracks. : (
  2. Yes, I wish I was doing them with npm. I'll now better now. Thank you!
  3. Yes, I have that New Playlist Manager installed on my device as well. I needed it when I was switching from my previous Android phone and needed to transfer the poweramp playlists. However, I don't find the New Playlist Manager to be as convenient for use on a daily basis as Poweramp. So I've never used it since then. Anyways, really appreciate your help. Have a wonderful day, Mahaya
  4. Ok, Thank you, Andre. What would the best way to back up the playlists to prevent the loss in the future?
  5. Thanks for your reply Andre. I have built these playlists song by song in Poweramp and I have not made a back up copy. So, I guess it is all gone? I don't understand why. I haven't done any upgrade to my phone. I haven't been restarting it and didn't take the SD card out. Just normal day to day use. I also have the external (file based) playlists in my Poweramp and those are ok. No tracks are missing. So, I guess, no way to recover?
  6. Hi, I'm a yoga teacher and I've had close to 20 playlists on my Poweramp that I would you use for my yoga classes. This morning I've got up to only find out that all my carefully selected tracks have disappeared from the playlists. The playlists are still showing with the 0 tracks next to them. I've tried to rescan the files and folders ( using rescind option under Poweramp setting), no results. Help!
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