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  1. I recently installed Poweramp on a new phone, a ZTE Grand X4, and imported the settings over from my old phone. But as of now, with every song, the volume will suddenly drop and spike on its own. During loud parts of a song the volume will go up on its own so that its uncomfortably loud, and during quiet parts it lowers to where I can barely hear. This can be a fraction of a second, or if a song has particularly long quiet/loud section, even more. But basically my music is now unlistenable, because the volume goes all over the place by it self. In general the sound on the new phone is tinnier and hollow (despite using all the same settings), and basically no matter what I do it sounds like its being played through cheap dollar store headphones (I have a nice pair of Shure in ear head phones and I know they're not THAT bad). Tried my old phone again, a Moto E, and Poweramp works perfectly fine, no unusual sounds or glitches and everything sounds great.. I have no other EQ or audio software on my new phone other than Dolby HD Audio, which I disabled. I have also tried to select/unselect DVC as some have suggested to me. Didn't do anything. So is this something wrong with my phone, or just some weird interaction between the phone and Poweramp?
  2. I just recently installed Poweramp on a new phone, but I can no longer find where the list options are located. For the record, i want to list my music in folders by hierarchy , but right now clicking on folders displays all folders and subfolders at once, and it becomes a cluttered mess. Is there any to get it back? EDIT: the phone I'm using is a ZTE Grand X4. On my old phone, a Moto E, when I press sort by folder there is a little button on the bottom right of the screen with 3 vertical dots that lets me access list options. But on my new phone this button seems to have dissapeared. Is there any reason for this ?
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