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  1. AshishM94

    Poweramp alpha build-709

    Hi-Res output showed up for first time on my Redmi note 3 ever since updating to Oreo(Omni ROM) but it's 16bit 48khz. audio_policy_configuration.xml build.prop mixer_paths_wcd9326.xml
  2. @maxmp As had been discussed by other users I'm missing Hi-Res audio on my Redmi note 3 running custom Oreo 8.1. It used to work on stock Android 6.0. I'm currently rooted right now so can you tell what all files I need to check to make sure my ROM supports it?
  3. Amazing work Max. Hi-res audio is back on my Redmi note 3 running Oreo 8.1. New UI rocks
  4. Looks dope to me especially the visualisations 😘
  5. I hope we will get a new update soon now that android oreo is released
  6. Poweramp needs an update for nougat. Just editing build.prop to enable 24bit offload won't work. In nougat the audio policy file in your /system/etc that Poweramp and other music players need to enable 24bit audio is in XML format while in marshmallow and previous desserts it was in .conf format.