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  1. I have been wondering if casting to DLNA renderers will eventually become a reality. I personally like Kodi so much and I have set up a small HTPC between my TV and my Hi-Fi system. I would love to cast my local songs to that system, and I am quite disappointed that now Poweramp can cast to Chromecast devices but not DLNA ones.

  2. On 1/6/2019 at 5:19 PM, andrewilley said:

    They are not very different devices, both are Xiaomi Redmi Notes, but that shouldn't make a difference as long as their OS can read files from an SD Card, which it presumably can. I don't think exFAT should make a difference either. What symptoms are you seeing?


    Well I recognize that those are Redmi Notes, but one is running a custom AOSP while the other is on stock ROM; also the SoC changes. Basically if a (music) file is in the internal storage, all tags will be normally read. If I move this file to SD Card or I just download a file there, Poweramp will recognize there's a file, so the file is listed, but tags and duration can't be read.

    I thought of exFAT because sometimes, based on the combination of Android version and app that I'm using, sometimes my card will not get properly read and all the files are listed as 0 bytes ones; but it rarely happens on stock unmodified OSes (although it happened once on MIUI). It *could* be a problem at Android level, but as I said it only happens with certain applications and I can safely say that all my tests were done with proper exFAT drivers and with my SD card properly read.

  3. I also have this issue in two distinct phones (Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 with AOSP 9.0; Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 with MIUI 10 Global Stable on Android 8.1). I reported this specific bug months ago when v3 was still in alpha preview and it never got fixed. I guess it may be because of my exFAT SD card, but other than that I see no reason at all why this should happen on two different devices.

  4. On 10/2/2018 at 8:39 PM, andrewilley said:

    A number of people have been having issues with headset buttons (and bluetooth buttons) not responding with Oreo, this could be related to that? 


    Personally I use AOSP-Extended Oreo 8.1 and media play/pause only works when I have PA in foreground. Even the "long press volume keys to skip track" feature of my ROM that once worked flawlessly now doesn't work. Tried with other players and it simply works even in background, so it sounded weird to me. A thing I noticed, using AudioTrack as output causes the media buttons to work, always; I don't know why and I don't know how buttons and audio output are related to each other. I don't believe that this is an issue with the ROM I'm using since the same behaviour can be observed in other Custom ROMs and even in my friend's OnePlus 3T with stock OOS Oreo.

  5. The Tasker way to work around this is too dark and confused, and it needs at least AutoInput to listen to hardware buttons. And then, there's a 200ms delay for media control events via Poweramp API (as stated in the source). Also, who will ever purchase two separate apps to work around something that should just work?

    It isn't only a car unit problem: I can't control media playback with my headphones attached on my phone also, so it's more like "Poweramp doesn't listen to media buttons" rather than "it's a car unit problem".

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