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  1. Premise: I use Hi-Res output for Wired Headset. I can't change tracks from my wired headset buttons (which are vol-/play-pause/vol+ but my ROM supports long pressing on volume buttons to change tracks) and this is extremely frustrating because I am used to use this a lot (I walk the city with headphones on, so I can't really take the phone out of my pocket just to skip songs). It is broken for builds >=705 as far as I have heard (also from friends), but this issue specifically reports the bug on 793-play.
  2. AryToNeX


    As scrobbling via official Last.fm app is there I don't see why people should ask Poweramp to add/fix SLS support. I mean, can't just SLS use the same technique used in official Last.fm app? I can tell you that even a notification-driven approach works well (I tried Pano Scrobbler which is notification-based and it works as well)
  3. AryToNeX


    Scrobble problems still present in beta 793
  4. Okay I'll try to explain it step by step as how I can reproduce it - Open Poweramp 793 - Go to "last added" - Play a song from there - Pause the song - Close Poweramp from the recent screen - Reopen it - Use the album swipe/click to return to the "last added" screen - Notice that the category icon is changed from the "last added" one to the "all songs" one
  5. AryToNeX

    Poweramp beta build-792

    Guys, have you noticed that when you open a category, close the player (also from recents) and reopen it, the category icon gets set to "All songs" icon?
  6. It would be cool showing the previous and next tracks in our Kustom setups (Widgets, Live Wallpapers and Lockscreens). Some info I found: https://help.kustom.rocks/i1181-mq-music-info-playing-track-artist I guess that has to be done with the playlist support in notifications (added, I guess, in Lollipop? I may be wrong), but I don't really know.
  7. AryToNeX

    Poweramp beta build-792

    Am I the only one who still can't get previous/next buttons on headset to work on Android 8.1? I can't even change tracks via "volume up/down long pressing" feature in my ROM
  8. @pankajjbs it comes when it comes, don't write in caps and don't be impatient. Everyone here is waiting for a release.
  9. Happy birthday to you @utahman1971, however it seems that today is not the day. Btw Android 9 just got released!
  10. I tried with many formats and encodings, even with simple latin letters. What I found interesting is that if I have a song on the internal storage tags are scanned instantly, but if I move that song onto the SD Card they aren't anymore. It takes some time for tags to appear correctly anyway. It may be one or two days with the bug, then it magically parses the tags. Clearing app data and cache "fixes" the issue but then it will reappear with new music and people are not supposed to clear player data every time (because restoring a backup from settings also restores the bug, I also checked this little thing)
  11. Well, it happens with every file I add to my library, so I don't think it happens with a specific type of files. Anyway if you have Telegram I could send you some samples.