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  1. I'm using MiA1 running on Android pie 9.0 and I'm using both solid explorer and es file explorer pro. Btw now its works fine after i restarted my device.
  2. If i select a mp3 file from my from file manager and the then select Poweramp to play it but unfortunately it's not playing in the latest update
  3. Ah got it any how I'm using omoro icon pack so it's no problem
  4. Today only i got update in my PS just noticed a change in PA Icon. Is it due to new ps terms and conditions?
  5. For me i need to connect manually to cast. Cast icon is not showing up on right corner of my screen. and how to check output device, I forgot how to do it.
  6. Thanks for Finally adding Chrome Cast support @maxmp you don't know how long I've been asking for this feature. Gonna download it and report you back
  7. But the seekbar on the previous post looks different 🤔
  8. But it's seekbar looks different
  9. Thanks for adding alternative layout @maxmp now artist/album names doesn't overwrite on album art!
  10. Why Hi-Res doesn't using speaker as output device 🤔
  11. I thought this is a English forum and also thanks for the update
  12. Someone explain about the WavPack and DSD support. I have no clue
  13. @djdarko Is it possible to cast songs through Poweramp
  14. Why on this build coloured notification is not showing up?
  15. Thanks @maxmp for this Rc build. Also someone tell me is there cast screen option is available in PA or not, I'm searching for this for a week.
  16. Anyone tell me how to stream music via chromecast btw i don't want to cast my screen.
  17. Hope everything gets fixed in this build btw what's mean by Rc build
  18. Can you guide me on which category you've selected "If" and "Else If"
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