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  1. yes I have tried playing with nearly every setting possible in the bluetooth and lock screen settings to no avail but I havent tried rolling back to a previous version or tried the new beta. I will try both of those and post my results. thank you so much for your quick reply, I really appreciate it
  2. hello since a few updates ago on my Galaxy Note 5 for some reason no matter what I try my stereo in my Honda Civic 2014 wont display the track info and just says No Title for all tracks. one of the main reasons I bought this program was because it worked so well and showed my track info. I know that my stereo is still reading track info because I can use the default music app and it shows everything just fine but for some reason Poweramp doesnt seem to send the track data properly. would anyone be able to help me fix this problem because I really like this app and would hate to uninstall it and use the sub par default music player my phone came with. thank you!
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