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  1. hey, the build 704 is cool... but still, bluetooth buttons dont work... tried on the stock music player, buttons are working fine... i dont know why it doesnt work on Poweramp...
  2. latest on the playstore... 2.0.10? and where can i get that alpha release?
  3. Nope.. asleep or active... still not working... all players work except for Poweramp... tried using the headset button control on the play store, it couldn't find Poweramp on the app...
  4. my bluetooth earphone buttons dont respond to Poweramp but it responds to the stock music player... i can pause and play, skip and go to previous tracks with my bt earphones but only on the stock player... when i play tracks using the Poweramp, buttons do nothing... cant pause or skip tracks... what do you think is the problem? the respond to buttons in the settings are checked and high priority is checked but the bt earphone buttons still doesn't work... any idea to fix this?
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