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  1. Clear enough. Thanks. But I'm talking about swiping the app from background tasks to close It. That works concerning other music apps but not PA. Previously with redmi4 in such cases playback stops immediately.
  2. Run PA at meyzu pro7 plus (Flyme After closing PA playback doesn't stop. Any ideas what can be done to fix this?
  3. I got the same or something like this on Xiaomi redmi 4. Sorting of albums or songs by their path in folders didn't store after closing the app. After rebooting everything became ok. Try to reboot your gadget if you didn't done it after installation of app.
  4. Is it possible to increase the range of L/R balance? I have hearing impairment, so my real ability is to hear 20/100% regarding L/R ears. In other words when I move the balance maximum to left i need some more (5-10%) to hear channels equally. Maybe i can do this by myself, just edit any config file? Any ideas or suggestions? Xiaomi redmi 4 prime. Miui 9. Android 6.0.1. Version of Poweramp - 703.
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