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  1. johnbyebye

    Poweramp beta build-792

    The shuffle doesn't appear to work properly all the time. In a playlist with 34 songs it will skip certain songs. I have the playlist set to repeat and it will never play the song or songs again. I have to re-shuffle and start the playlist over to get them to be played. Anyone else experiencing this?
  2. johnbyebye

    Poweramp alpha build-709

    Lol I think you're one of 10 people who still own a Pebble device. I had one before they went defunct.
  3. Folders work fine for me, once again. Bugs don't necessarily affect everyone.
  4. It isn't broken for everyone, you just happen to be unlucky lol. I can select files just fine.
  5. I installed the new version on top of 704 and it kept all of my EQ presets.
  6. Stop closing it and you won't have that problem lol.
  7. johnbyebye

    Poweramp not working on S8/Note8 Oreo

    The screen goes blank for me and I have to force stop it.
  8. johnbyebye

    Poweramp not working on S8/Note8 Oreo

    Unfortunately there is no way to fix it completely at the moment. If you can get it working then don't close the app and leave it running in the background. Been going on a week straight like this with no issue. This is a lot easier to accomplish on the Note 8 as it has more RAM. My S8 will still close Poweramp at times. Otherwise use V2 for now until the next beta is released. So far it only seems to affect Samsung devices on Oreo with Poweramp 704.
  9. johnbyebye

    Poweramp not working on S8/Note8 Oreo

    You need to keep the app open in the background otherwise it will crash next time you try to open it. Sorry, should have mentioned this earlier. If I close the app restarting the phone gets it working again.
  10. johnbyebye

    Poweramp not working on S8/Note8 Oreo

    Use the attached APK's and follow the instructions I had above. There is no "official" fix at the moment, I just kept fiddling with different combinations until I got it to work. It was working on the beta software. I just performed the same steps on the official Oreo and it works as well.
  11. johnbyebye

    Poweramp not working on S8/Note8 Oreo

    Did you follow the instructions I had above? I got it working on my Note 8.
  12. johnbyebye

    Oreo Update

    You can try these apks. Best advice I have at the moment is to keep trying or stick with v2 for now. poweramp apks.zip
  13. johnbyebye

    Oreo Update

    Are you using the APK or installing the beta via the play store? I got it to work by using the APK's only. Uninstall v2, restart the phone then install v2 588 APK again. Install the v3 703 APK on top of it. It should still be working at this point. You can then install v3 704 APK if you like. I did it this way and it's been working.