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  1. I try it today, it works, but something new comes up. The music will connect into car's speaker, but it loops in play and pause for few second, then it complete stop playing. I have to turn off the audio and open it back in order to keep playing. PS : After restart, every thing is fine. Only happen after connect every each time.
  2. I got a funny bug with my new 2017 Honda Ridgeline. When I start up my car, my cell phone will auto connect into car's bluetooth. My car will continue play music though bluetooth. Then the funny thing happen. Poweramp play the music, but not with the car's speakers. It play though phone's speaker. I had look around for the reason, but nothing help. I try rest the phone's bluetooth and unpair then repair. I haven't try different music play yet, cuz I use Poweramp as my main music player, so I will try some day later. Just wonder anyone have this problem? Or it just happen with HTC 10?
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