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  1. 1. Fiio X5 3rd Generation 2. 5.1.1 (Fiio Custom Rom Build 1.0.9) 3. SoC: RK3188 DAC: AK4490x2 Supports : DSD:DSD64/128(".iso", ".dsf", ".dff") DXD:352.8K APE FAST/High/Normal:384kHz/24bit(MAX) APE Extra High:192kHz/24bit(MAX) APE Insane:48kHz/24bit(MAX) Apple Lossless:384kHz/24bit(MAX) AIFF:384kHz/24bit(MAX) FLAC:384kHz/24bit(MAX) WAV:384kHz/32bit(MAX) WMA LOSSLESS:96kHz/24bit(MAX) audio_policy.conf
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