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  1. thx! in new version from 4pda 832 (64bit) bug fully fixed)
  2. yep. i remove app and dat folder. than reinstall. even change rom and phone) bug still exist.
  3. yep, but than I have another bug on 20% artists: some of them don't have any icon, but album and songs have. (#1 attachment) even if I change manually album art - empty icon in artist still exist (#2 attachment) only way to change image - manually change artist image, also i disabled artist image, but when I press on manually download button - there only artist photos, not albums... (#3 attachment) I just wanna 100% artist image or 100% album artworks in my library, not mix 80% of artwork an 20% of artist image... thx
  4. thx a lot. also I tried cleaning image cache/reinstall Poweramp with manual remove ur directory + change internet provider and use good VPN. always same( also mb add option "disable images in artist list", like ur old UI?
  5. Even after clean install (tested on 2 devices with different accounts) Steps to reproduce: 1) Settings - Album Art - Download Artist Images; 2) Open Artist category in library. Watch attachments. 50% artists images are broken with black cutouts, this bug from December 2018. To 100% reproduce this bug - try it on same artists: Arctic Monkeys, Asking Alexandria, Enter Shikari, Eminem, DevilDriver, Foals, Joy Division, The Knife, Metallica, Muse... Yes I can change art by manually but 99% of images - horizontally wide, if i change manually - there no crop and circle cutout. Only automatically Poweramp can make circles or manually with vertically images. thx
  6. 1. Xiaomi mi5 (pro) 2. Android 7.1.1 (LineageOS) 3. Qualcomm wcd9335 dac - Aqstic audio_policy.conf
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