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  1. Andre, Sorry if this is the wrong way to reply, but I could not find a reply button to hit on your response. I tried multiple times to do a clean install from the app store, the same issues persisted. On both my phone and tablet I now have no auto updates set. Then I download the 893 APK from this site, to my PC, and copied that to the download folder on both my phone and tablet. After that I used a file browser on both devices to do an install of the APK onto the device. In both cases that worked, and now I seem to be good again at version 893. I'm sorry I don't have a lot of time to troubleshoot the problem, but too many things were wrong with 899 for me to live with. I hope MP can fix the problems and put out another fantastic version of the app. In the meantime, I have 893. Thanks very much for your response. Best Wishes, Sincerely, Paul R.
  2. Dear Sirs, Help! This new 899 version fails on both my Samsung S10 phone and on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite. It locks up, or plays a different song than the one shown on the screen, and repeatedly fails and locks up when I use my bluetooth headphones. The best it can seem to do is play a few songs, before I have to either reboot or do a force stop on the app. I have tried to reinstall the latest version from the google play store, and I keep getting the same errors. Can you please send me instructions to how I can rollback to the 893 version I loved. I wanna love the 899 version, but it's not working for me. Please, it's my favorite app, I need my music, help me get my 893 back. Thanks in Advance, Paul R.
  3. Hi Andrew,  Thanks in advance for all the help you provide for Poweramp.

    Can you please let me know how I might look at a gallary of screen shots

    for the V3 Beta product.  I'd like to see what the new interface looks like

    if possible.  Thanks again,  Sincerely,  Paul R.

    1. Sue


      I need help! I just got a new phone Galaxy s8+ I had 7 edge been with power amp for 2 years at least and I love it but even though it's downloaded on my new phone I can't get anything at all PLEASE CAN someone help me? I have Google music Samsung music etc but I want power amp

    2. andrewilley


      Not sure why there are being sent as Status Update responses?

      @prubinstein please see the testing forum, there are many posts containing screenshots of the new v3 user interface (e.g. http://forum.powerampapp.com/topic/11296-poweramp-v3-beta-preview-build-790-not-yet-feature-complete-read-first-post-before-commenting/

      And @Sue, please can you post the details of your problem in the main forums where people can see and respond (it would help to mention which version you are trying to use, and whether it installs but does not work or just does not install at all)


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