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  1. merry xmas andrewilly and maxmp especially Poweramp 815
  2. Hi res support : Samsung S7 Edge SM-G9350 in Android 7.0 PA - Alpha 704 In addition, Note 5 in Android 7.0 PA - Alpha 704 also work with hi res support
  3. For me, it is a good news for any kind of progress update. I do satisfy on sound quality in my s7e Poweramp Alpha 703. However, Andre would you mind describe more precise that is it requiring more development time spend to fine turning the beta version ? let say it is the last 5% to complete (like: just fixing "some non consistent behaviors" as you mentioned). or Max have encountering some problems on assembling all components but it was 50% of work to completion ? I believe most peoples are comfortable to have quantitative figures to adjust his expectation. Thanks Kevin
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