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  1. HELLO! PLEASE add something like Bookmark for tracks. Its must be showed in track list. On previous version I use 3 stars for checking last listened track in several playlists. But now you cut stars for like/dislike...
  2. what are you thinking about 3d sound?
  3. I cant use it like you offer. When im listening tracks i put it 5 stars (for best tracks), when i have listened all tracks on memory card i copy one by one all best tracks. its very very hard work! })) Therefore i cant choose all and then find whitch i need. easy if i should copy or invert selected tracks (best tracks). Hope you will help me!
  4. Instead that Poweramp has "delete" function... Ok, may be you can add "invert selection" (I have more than 1000 tracks therefore I can't check them all for delete)? so i should delete all another tracks and safe best.
  5. Hello! I'm asking you add "copy to directory" for insert files. I have a directory where i safe best tracks, but now i must use another programm for copy. Thx!
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