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  1. Maybe it is ROM related issues ? Because for me it works perfectly even after I use another program like you said
  2. I don't know this will work, but you may try it. What I've done is rebooting my phone, then open PA, enable hires output without playing any song on PA. Now, the hires output works on my earphone ?
  3. Thanks for the update max. But I face some weird things with hires output. When I plug my earphone with hires output, the music plays through my phone speaker. The other output choice still play music through my earphone tho My phone : Xiaomi Mi5 ROM : AOSP Extended 5.7 Android ver. : 8.1.0 Poweramp ver. : 793-play (got the update from Play Store) EDIT : Solved by rebooting my phone, then enable hires ouput on PA without playing any music
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