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  1. 3 hours ago, maxmp said:

    @parts why do you think it doesn't work for you? It perfectly works for my latest stock rom v10 and from your screenshots - it's available for you too.

    @lantian if you can you extract (in /etc/ or /vendor/etc) audio_policy.conf, audio_output_policy.conf files from the device + build.props (as a / file or as output from "adb shell getprop"), I can try to make a custom build for that device for further testing. Thanks!

    Hope these are enough if you need anything more let me know.



  2. 23 hours ago, maxmp said:

    @lantian There is bug/oversight in X3 which forces all ESS audio to be 16-bit only (at least, on media flinger level it looks like everything is resampled to 16-bit, this is also true for X3 stock player). By user requests, I switched PA back to 24-bit path, which doesn't use ESS (but previous PA builds did).

    Would love it if you managed to get 24bit support for the saber dac. Poweramp is way more user friendly and has far better user interface than lenovo stock player(it can not even stop playing, it keeps going one in repeat or search modes and has many many other issues, but it just sounds stunning) I can give you what ever logs you might need. Also thanks for the reply.

  3. On 5/16/2018 at 5:23 AM, maxmp said:


    Build-709 (Play beta channel release):

    • fixed some dither options causing no audio

    • Android 4.3/4.4 support restored

    Adjusted hi-res output on various devices - big thanks for the community feedback!
    • Snapdragon 845 devices (e.g. Sony XZ2) - improved Hi-Res Output detection
    • Sony XZ/XZ1 - improved Hi-Res Output detection
    • Lenovo X3 - reenabled 24bits
    • OnePlus (1st edition) - disabled DVC for Hi-Res output due to forced speaker playback
    • added new per-output option - No Duck - for cases when notification causes issues. Activated by default for Hi-Res output for some Snapdragon 625 devices (Asus Zenphone 3)
    • HTCs @ 7.0 - improved Hi-Res Output stability
    • Nexus 6P - fixed notification coloring



    Hi Res output does not use the ess saber dac on the vibe x3, it only uses the wolofson codec. Still the only player that uses the saber dac is lenovo stock player...

  4. Hi res support for vibe x3 would be awesome. with stock player the ess dac has no problem being fed 24bit pcm signal. Yet Poweramp can not do that, or even use the correct paths I will add a tinymix log with saber dac active with 24bit/ 44p1khz sampling rate, the same path is used for all 16 or 24bit signals to the dac. Would like to see Poweramp supporting the correct paths and bit depth and rather improved sound, right now far to distorted bass because of dvc.

    tinymixlog,vibe x3 es9018k2m

  5. 5 hours ago, Madaudio said:

    So I am finding, yet I am sure there is a demand for it.

    Hi-res surround music tracks are supported via pass through on the shield, but no music player supporting playing surround hi res flac audio files.  Very disappointing.  Still wanting to know if this is prevented by the Android OS (or Android TV OS) or simply because no developer has seen the need for doing this.

    It has to be added as an output path for the music to the dac, if it does not have a multichannel path than you have no chance of playing back a real multichannel recording(multichannel is 4 or more channels here). Most devices don't have one, verry rarely does one have it. Standard is the mono/stereo paths. You can check in your audiopolicy.config file what your devices supports.

  6. Just checked, Poweramp alpha 704 works perfectly on my bros samsung s7, It even recognizes the correct path and uses it,Still not working on axon 7 mini neither on 6.0 or 6.0.1(improved the sound quality a lot compared to any other player). Pretty sure it isn't using the proper path on this phone whoever says it is working with snapdragon 24bit  pcm path is False it is not working, it has worse sound quality and sound stage than stock player.

  7. 11 hours ago, Neo Cyrus said:

    The 24 bit output you were using before with Poweramp was actually not the A7's AKM AK4490EN DAC, it was the SD 820's built-in sound processing. I guarantee if you use the garbage stock music app and listen to some lossless files with high end headphones you'll notice there is an obvious quality difference, and that's with the stock music app (or the firmware?) actually truncating any 24 bit files to 16 bit.

    Basically I'm saying if you really wanted to use the A7 for hi-fi sound, you're stuck using the buggy trash tier stock music app unless there's another music player which works with it now. Last I checked there was nothing but false reports and they were just using the SD 820's sound processing. The stock music player drives me insane, I'm extremely disappointed it's taking this long for Poweramp to be updated.

    Actually, I was under the impression that there is no snapdragon dac active on board in axon 7. Axon 7 min has the same behavior where the stock player sounds much better. It only has the ak4962dac built into it(still Poweramp says it has snapdragon 24bit varian). My guess is that it has either to do with how the dac is being used by Poweramp or tit has something to do with the decoder Poweramp uses

  8. A update regarding axon 7 mini.

    I can use the hires output and it works without any issues so far. It says snapdragon 24bit variant(actually has AKM AK4962 32bit/192khz) and goes all the way up to 192khz as it should, only question is about the 32 bit support and the correct name of the dac.

    Unfortunately I have no way to access root on this phone atleast not that I know of, tried every way to find the audio.policy.conf but just can not find it, downloaded the kernel alone and it is no there either

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