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  1. Hope these are enough if you need anything more let me know. audio_policy.conf build.prop
  2. Asking for Fiio x7 mk2 support again, It's audio policy has been posted here already is there anything more you require? So far non of the Poweramp builds sees any hi res output options on these dap's.
  3. Fiio x7 mkII Android 5.1.1 ess saber 9028pro, native pcm up to 32bit/384khz and dsd up to dsd 256.
  4. Would love it if you managed to get 24bit support for the saber dac. Poweramp is way more user friendly and has far better user interface than lenovo stock player(it can not even stop playing, it keeps going one in repeat or search modes and has many many other issues, but it just sounds stunning) I can give you what ever logs you might need. Also thanks for the reply.
  5. Hi Res output does not use the ess saber dac on the vibe x3, it only uses the wolofson codec. Still the only player that uses the saber dac is lenovo stock player...
  6. Hi res support for vibe x3 would be awesome. with stock player the ess dac has no problem being fed 24bit pcm signal. Yet Poweramp can not do that, or even use the correct paths I will add a tinymix log with saber dac active with 24bit/ 44p1khz sampling rate, the same path is used for all 16 or 24bit signals to the dac. Would like to see Poweramp supporting the correct paths and bit depth and rather improved sound, right now far to distorted bass because of dvc. tinymixlog,vibe x3 es9018k2m
  7. I have the arise sauron mod installed, what it does is bypasses all android built in sound engines and gives direct access to your dac without any resampling or messing with the signal, while also removing any sound tuning done to it. It can give you full 24bit up to 192khz playback maybe more if hardware supports it. Though I had to move back to 702 build, since the new ones still saw lenovo hifi api and didn't work, because of the always on dvc. With the old version 702. snapdragon 24bit api works like a dream, pure bit perfect playback.
  8. So, I would say you are doing it wrong, double amping is never best solution, the xplay has more than anough power on it's own. Amping it a second time will lower dynamic range and increase noise always. If you do not like the sound of the xplay by ityself, you would be far better off buying a proper dap like dx200 or fiio x7 mk2 and stop waysting your money. If you want to use external amplifier you would need a line out option that bypasses the amps built into it, otherwise it is a tradeoff not worth the money.
  9. Would like to see an option to selct api for high res output. Since i have installed ainur audio mod, had to go back to 702 build. In 703 and 704 it only had lenovo hifi path and would not allow to disable dvc which made everything distort even with limiter. On 702 there are no issues and having selected the snapdragon 24bit pcm output api without dvc sound is stunning, also it is using the sabre dac this way.
  10. So I wanted to ask for a preamp slider that could go up to minus 16db or at the very least -10db. I am using it as my volume control and so far had to combine replay gain preamp, with preamp slider to get optimal results, the slider alone is not enough.
  11. He is the forum Admin. anmd not the dev. Max is the dev and as Andre stated max has not made any contact on progress for a long time, so there is no info that he has about the update schedule.
  12. Well next year seems reasonable eta right now, guess we will see if we get anything in time for new year...
  13. Have been thinking a nice feature would be if Poweramp could state which output path is in use for devices with multiple dac's built into them. I don't need to have Poweramp state device make etc, just the path name so to alleviate confusion on devices with mutiple dac's, as to which one Poweramp uses. The mixer path name will say all we need to know.
  14. There will not be an option called ess sabre, it is called high res output and it is experimental
  15. Bluetooth is incapable of high res output at the time, best you can get is ldac from sony. Even that wont be able to play lossless cd quality files. At the time Bluetooth just isn't fast enough for such a thing, also in Bluetooth mode it uses the dac built into the headphones.
  16. Have to agrree it is the rom's fault, nothing Poweramp can do to fix it, for high res output to work you need a rom that has those audio paths enabled, most people who make these roms have no idea about them or how to make them.
  17. Profit and more cost savings, as always for these big companies.
  18. It has to be added as an output path for the music to the dac, if it does not have a multichannel path than you have no chance of playing back a real multichannel recording(multichannel is 4 or more channels here). Most devices don't have one, verry rarely does one have it. Standard is the mono/stereo paths. You can check in your audiopolicy.config file what your devices supports.
  19. So far it only works for snapdragon chipset based devices fiio x5 3rd gen is based on rockchip 3180 you will need tyo way for the next beta or one after that, ofr max to implement the paths that those chips use.
  20. Yet every time he does, he is mostly met with whining and insults, most here just start complaining of why is it going to take more time so why bother?
  21. Yes, how difficult? Do you see any other app that supports high res output? No(except for Neplayer, but that one costs 20 euro and has barely any options), because all of them use 16bit/48khz resampling pathways, this is the only one to support non re-sampling, if it was so easy then all would support it, no? Besides is the current beta and alpha not working for you, v3 is not the product you are buying on google play, it is the v2 or current finished build to be precise, not a single word or promise of you getting v3 or anything beyond that. Yes you are making an unreasonable request, development takes time.Yes we all want it to come out, but this constant whining brings us nothing at all, just enjoy the music and wait. It is not easy to build the whole app alone.
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