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  1. Hello. Device Meizu M3E Android 6.0 Poweramp v3-build-826-play Everytime I try to change track while my screen is locked, metadata does not changes or changes in some extremely weird way. Also, when I choose some tracks from my library it does not show artist Videos with reproducing here: 1. https://streamable.com/k105c 2. https://streamable.com/5xm8m If I can provide any additional information just tell me. I want to use build v3 very much, but It is impossible for me because of this issue.
  2. Alpha build doesn't even start on my Meizu M3E. That's pretty sad.
  3. Привет! Аппарат Meizu M3E. Слушаю музыку в наушниках, телефон в это время заблокирован. Примерно за 20% времени до конца трека воспроизведение останавливается. Разблокирую телефон => музыка продолжает играть. Очень уж бесит D:
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