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  1. Thank you so much for this tip - I've had problems scrobbling from Android with Poweramp (v2) a long, long time, and I thought either the problem was in Poweramp or last.fm API (http://status.last.fm/), but it got annoying so I looked here for an answer, and found this. I couldn't figure it out; I tried the v3 alpha for a while, so I thought that might be causing it, even after I returned to v2. Uninstalled both Poweramp and Simple Scrobbler, nothing changed. But this I did not think of, brilliant. It's not even a "new" Android, Galaxy S4 with v5 OS. But it does an an "app optimizer" and I couldn't think it would cause this error. The Poweramp people should put this in a FAQ or something... Thanks again!
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